quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

The blog skizo-studio has been deactivated without my knowledge or prior notice.
I thank to all my friends that followed and commented my work during the past year and I invite everybody to visit my new blog.

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Anónimo disse...

Bela imagem.

Sim, necessitamos do verde, mesmo que abstrato.


ANRAFERA disse...

Espero sigas, en este blog, cosechando los éxitos obtenidos en el anterior.
Un cordial saludo y te sigo.

Roger Gauthier disse...

Strange strange strange, my friend! This is quite hard to understand! I have been following your work for some time now, and I do hope that you will be able to go on showing your art!

Good luck,


teca disse...

Estamos aqui! :))
Muitas felicidades e realizações no novo espaço!
Um beijo carinhoso.

ñOCO Le bOLO disse...

· Here again, my friend

· Saludos


veredit disse...

Your old blog is still very much alive and visible.. but a new place is always a new chance ..

hello again!


Patience disse...

Ugh, sorry for the inconvenience of being booted from your own blog like that -- how annoying and odd! But good thing you can start up where you left off with this brand new blog. In any case, thanks so much for the comment on my own blog -- here's to enjoying your images, and wishing the best....!

JM disse...

Não entendo como é possível isto acontecer! No espaço de um mês é o segundo caso de que tenho conhecimento. É mesmo muito chato depois de tanto tempo de dedicação. Boa sorte com este novo blog.

Harry Kent disse...

Most disappointing for you. That was a big body of work there and it was enjoyable for me to scroll back through it sometimes.

Maybe you could do a reprospective and put up a post here of your favorite pieces from the previous blog.

Best of luck with this one.

José Luis disse...

Here we are ... following you again.


Ángel disse...

Una composición perfecta, donde integras como piezas de un reloj, ilustración y texto, llegando ha componer un bello diseño gráfico.
Un abrazo

Joop Zand disse...

Very nice work SKIZO

greetings and a nice day, Joop

Rick Forrestal disse...

Thanks for the "heads up." I shall now follow you @ BrandNewStudio. I love the music track here . . . and your work, of course.

Elena disse...

Me gusta este nuevo blog. te deseo todo lo mejor!
Un abrazo.

JValentina disse...

fantásticas las texturas t las fotos..very nice

Kristin H disse...

Like the way you are segmenting the art work.
Have a great wonderful creative day!

seva disse...

Un blog con unas entradas muy peculiares, como veo que tienes dos pues te sigo en este, un fuerte abrazo desde Reinosa nuevo compi.

Bob Bushell disse...


Dean H. disse...

Strange how they manage these blogs.

Your new blog looks fine...good luck with it! :)

taio disse...

excelente post

bondearte disse...

Caro amigo Skizo,
Há males que vem para bem
este novo espaço é sem duvida muito bom,e cheio de arte.
vamos em frente que atraz vem gente:)))
Grande abraço

Eliane Accioly disse...

I love this!

Ninni disse...

I like this!
Thanks for letting me know your new blog.

Sill Scaroni disse...

Great design blog, beautiful Art.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier disse...

this is a great blog!

Emocja disse...

thanks for visiting!
I like your work...something different,unique,cool:) and this music...all together is wonderful!

Fotokarusellen disse...

This is art. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find you.
Looking forward to follow you.

nesmedu disse...

Excelente trabajo¡

Ana Carla Vannucchi disse...

Helo! Thanks for your visit and comments! Welcome back! Your work is fantastic too!
For a long time i haven't time enough to go out and take some shots ... you work inspired me again, so delicated and stong ... where are your from?
best regards and wishes from Brasil,